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The next-gen universal grade: Asaclean GL3 

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GL3 Grade

The newest addition to the Asaclean product range, GL3, takes all the best features of Europe's top-selling purge compound, and pushes it further.

GL3 Grade - Description

Developed from the highly acclaimed GL2, GL3 works within an ample temperature range of 180℃ to 330℃, suitable for most commodity and engineering resins. Though powerful enough for difficult colour or material changes, GL3 is also safe for hot runners and can be left inside the machine after shutdowns. Experience a reduction in resin and purging compound usage, resulting in cost savings and reduced carbon footprint.

GL3 Grade

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What makes GL3 Grade different from GL2 Grade?

Building on the success of the highly acclaimed GL2, Asahi Kasei's world-renowned R&D team has leveraged their expertise in the field of purging compounds to develop a next-generation new GL3 grade.

GL3 utilises all of the key benefits of GL2 and improves upon them even further. GL3 boasts improvements such as:
• A higher level of cleaning
• Lower residuals after the purge
• Less material needed for each purge 
• FDA compliance

How can GL3 help achieve sustainability initiatives?

Utilising a top-performing purging compound like GL3 allows moulders to keep downtime and waste to a minimum. By reducing changeover time and material generated, 1T of Asaclean has been proven to reduce CO2 emissions by 75%.

What are the benefits of lower residue?

Lower residue means Asaclean GL3 is easier to remove after the purge is completed. This means less production material is needed to "purge the purge", resulting in quicker purges and lower overall costs.

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