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U Grade

A cornerstone of the Asaclean product range - Asaclean U provides an unparrelled balance between performance, versatility and function.

U Grade - Description

U Grade is a versatile, high-performance purging compound especially suited for more demanding colour and material changes for technical polymers. U grade is also suitable purging material for almost all hot runners.

U Grade

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General purpose meets highest performance

U grade’s styrenic-based cleaning power is the strongest purging material of the universal grades. This makes U grade ideal for applications that require higher cleaning power while maintaining low residue.

Great for colour changes that are more demanding

Because U grade is such a powerful purger, it is especially suited for handling more demanding colour changes like green to yellow or black to white.

U grade purging compound is also recommended for hot runner cleaning, as well as sealing and shutting down machines to prevent carbon on start-ups.

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