ASACLEAN is the No.1 global provider for Purging Compounds.


Who we are

ASACLEAN is a purging material which was developed in 1990 and has achieved No.1 brand position as global purging material. As of today, ASACLEAN has been used in over 70 countries.

Originally ASACLEAN was used to facilitate fast, effective color and material changes of molding machine. But now, after our new research and development, ASACLEAN is also used for effective removal of carbon/color contamination (black spot) to decrease and prevent defect.

IMCD is ASACLEAN’s dedicated distribution partner in Europe.

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About IMCD

IMCD is a leading company in sales, marketing and distribution of speciality chemicals and food ingredients. 

Representing major global producers, our sales people are market focused technical experts who offer solutions for customers’ problems utilising our comprehensive and complementary product portfolio. We provide our partners with optimum tailored solutions for multi-territory distribution management in EMEA, Asia-Pacific and Americas.