Introducing the newest addition to the Asaclean range: GL3

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Asaclean offers you 17 different purging compound grades and provides you customised solutions to boost your business efficiency.

Looking for Asaclean Products? IMCD is Your Purging Compounds Provider

Clean and protect your machines with Asaclean purging compounds

Asaclean is the world's most well-known Purging Compound for injection moulding machines, extrusion lines and blow film/blow moulding applications. Additionally, Asaclean is highly recommended to be used with hot runners.

Asaclean comes in ready-to-use granules and does not require pre-drying or mixing.

Asaclean benefits

17 different grades from 160°C to 420°C

Saves time and raw material

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Minimises scrap parts

Reduces plastic waste

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Ideal for sealing - prevents your screws from oxidation

Removes black spots and old carbonisation

Hot runner suitable

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Ready to use


Tailored purging compounds advice for your business.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our Asaclean purging compounds experts and in 10 minutes you will get insights in the best purging compounds for your business, how to factor purging costs vs downtime costs and you will receive 5 tips for speeding up your colour/resing changeovers.

5 Quick purging tips for your injection moulding applicatons

Discover Asaclean's features and effectiveness in 90 seconds

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Asaclean is recommended by world-leading machine production companies.

Over 3000 injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion companies in Europe are trusting Asaclean purging compounds to clean their equipment.