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Find the ideal purging compound from our comprehensive product selection to boost your business efficiency.

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C Grade

A cost-friendly, universal grade suitable for most basic purging situations.

CG Grade

Universal grade containing extra cleaning power for difficult purges.

CP Grade

Cost-friendly grade focused on Polyolefin applications.

GL2 Grade

Best-selling grade that is highly-effective across a range of polymers and applications.

GL3 Grade

The newest addition to the Asaclean product range, GL3, takes all the best features of Europe's top-selling purge compound, and pushes it further.

NewE Grade

Especially designed to purge clear and transparent applications - leaving no residue or streaks behind.

NewEX Grade

One of the most powerful grades in the Asaclean range, designed for difficult changeovers as well as carbon removal.

NewM Grade

NewM gives excellent cleaning power in PMMA and other transparent applications.

PF Grade

High-temperature grade designed to effectively clean super-engineering polymers.0

PT Grade

PT is designed to purge out polycarbonate and other transparent polymers.

PX2 Grade

Asaclean grade that provides superb cleaning for high-temperature applications.

SA Grade

Universal grade which can be used on a wide range of technical polymers.

SX Grade

Polyolefin-based grade designed for temperature applications.

U Grade

A cornerstone of the Asaclean product range - Asaclean U provides an unparrelled balance between performance, versatility and function.

UB grade

Polyolefin-based grade which can be used in Injection with Hot Runners, Extrusion, Blow Molding and sealing applications.

UF2 Grade

Designed to provide a chemical and mechincal cleaning in film applications.

UL2 Grade

Specifically designed grade that provides excelling cleaning to purge film lines.

UP Grade

Polyolefin-based grade designed to give superior performance in purging PP and PE applications.