What is a purging compound?

Purging compounds are a plastic resin compound designed to clean all primary plastic machinery like injection moulding machines, blow moulding machines, extrusion lines and hot runners when changing colour, resin or simply to remove black spots or contamination.

What are the benefits of using purging compounds?

✔ Save materials and money
Flushing with raw materials or base polymers is very ineffective, time consuming, and wastes a huge amount of raw material or base polymers.

✔ Less down-time
Manual cleaning by pulling the screw is of course very effective, but is also time and man power consuming which leads to a very long machine down time.

✔ Made for your specific needs

  • In compliance with e.g. high quality standards for automotive applications
  • keep material and colour changes as short as possible
  • Avoids coatings and degenerations on the screw (with sealing)
  • Ready to use with existing machine parameters, most of the time no machine adjustment needed
  • Minimises the scrap and plastic waste
  • Simplify and accelerate maintenance and repair

Why should you choose ASACLEAN?

ASACLEAN is the world´s most known Purging Compound for injection moulding machines, extrusion lines and blown film / blow moulding applications.

ASACLEAN is also used to clean hot runners. The granules are ready to use compounds and do not require pre-drying, mixing or adjustments on the machines.

ASACLEAN Benefits:

  • 17 different grades from 160°C – 420°C
  • Saves time and raw material
  • Minimises scrap parts
  • Reduces plastic waste
  • Ideal for sealing – prevents your screws from oxidation
  • Removes black spots and old carbonisation
  • Hot runner suitable
  • Ready to use – no pre-drying or mixing

Still unsure if ASACLEAN is the right product for you? Watch our video which explains in 90 seconds what the benefits of ASACLEAN are.

See which grade is the right one for your needs

In our grade selector you can easily find which grade is the right one for your machines.